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Press release #1

The community developing and supporting eyeos series 1 takes over the whole eyeos series into the new oneye project focussing on improvements and further commercial support. We see oneye as legal continuation of eyeos 1.9.

Nearly six years ago the community based eyeos project started growing, released a lot different series from eyeos 0.6 up to 1.9 and finally got the worlds biggest open web desktop project.

The oneye project will continue supporting eyeos 1.9 users and claims for an easier integration of new contributors into an opened development process and better developer support through the oneye forums at .

Splitting the eyeos project will increase the quality of support, the responsiveness and even the development phases. Even though we will still share the same SourceForge infrastructure for series 0.8.

Development of eyeos 1.10 continues just as planned. It will be published as our first oneye-branded release in series 0.8. More information on improvements and other stuff will follow soon.

General Contact

Lars Knickrehm (Germany)

Luca Ferrario (Italy)