Here I am!

Hello everybody,
first of all, let me introduce myself: my name is Luca Ferrario, I’m 23 and I live near Como, in northern Italy.
In February 2011, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Automation Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, where I’m currently attending a Master in Computer Science Engineering. I also work as a computer science consultant and web project manager and I’m creating a web start-up together with my brother, Michele Ferrario.
I’ve been an eyeos 1.x user for 3 years and an eyeos 1.9 (now, oneye 0.8) developer since June 2011.
I want to sincerely thank Lars for starting the oneye project and all the new people that have already joined the forum (Daniel, Alexandre, Gunnarschlei, Steven, AWS)!
We are always looking for new developers, designers, translators and testers: if you’re interested, please write on the forum!