Well Done! – “Welcome oneye 0.9.0”

It’s been a while, that we released our first stable oneye version, but development kept up and we merged some great improvements to build an even better software for everybody.

So, today it’s the days and I’m really proud of what has happened to the project over the last time. Not just getting an own domain (finally), but also to the code base, that has been greatly improved.

Highlighted Changes

I’d like to highlight some changes here, but there are a lot more improvements, which can be read about in the README.txt file or in that forums thread.

  • ACL rules can be used to prevent or allow users and user groups to access specific features of an hosted oneye system. The previously rudimentary preferences section has been rewritten and greatly improved. It’s finally possible to add ACL rules based on user privileges and users will see a warning once they try to run a blocked function.
  • The spreadsheets and presentation applications have been greatly improved in terms of looking just like native oneye applications and they both are finally compatible with all the major browsers.
  • The often used table control had some problems sorting its data in some circumstances. We finally fixed that and updated the settings of all native oneye applications to make use of all of its great sorting features.
  • oneye 0.9.0 is compatible to PHP 5.0 up to 5.4 and additionally we’ve now improved Apache and added fully supported IIS7 compatibility, too.

Please Donate

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Get It Now!

You can download the fresh oneye 0.9.0 as combined installer and updater from our downloads page.

Help and Support

To get support just register at our forums and ask for help. We’d like to help you!

Who’s waitin’ for oneye 0.9.0?

The first (and only) release candidate of oneye 0.9.0 has been around for a couple of weeks. Right now we are preparing the second final release of oneye.

It’s planned for next week introducing some great new features for the user, a lot rewritten stuff in the background and official support for PHP 5.4 and even IIS 7.

Everyone who’s already using oneye 0.8.0 or later or eyeos 1.5 or later will be able to one-click-update. There’s no need to reinstall. The release candidate is stable enough for production systems and can be used in the meantime.

Once oneye 0.9.0 is out as a final release, you’ll be informed right here. Stay tuned!

PS: Do you like the oneye project? Check out donations page and leave us some nuggets. Thanks =) !

Preparing media23 embedding

The following is a quote from my forums post, “Preparing media23 embedding“.

Hey guys,

how are you? The oneye community is growing slowly, but it’s growing and that’s really, really great to see. Thanks everyone, who helped the project and me during the last years 🙂 !

In April I plan to embed the oneye project into my local business project, media23 group. That’s a really difficult job to do and I hope to be a lot more sensitive than the eyeos company when they released eyeos 2.

First of all I should clarify some really, really important points, which we all had learn from the project’s history…

  • oneye will be a product of the media23 group, developed by our internal “media23 system” division. Hey, that’s me 😀 …
  • Community related work in the forums, via mail, accepting translations, appreciating code commits won’t change at all.
  • The license won’t change and everything will stay open source 😉 !

The release plan got mandatory changes:

  • oneye 0.9 was planned as totall rewritten product, will be released as “media23 system” instead. But don’t hesitate, cause the first alpha release won’t be out in the next six months.
  • The current oneye release will be followed by oneye 0.9.0, planned for mid of April including an updated ACL interface and several fixes in addition to a nearly full rebranding as “oneye”.

That way we don’t even mix both architectures in future discussions, cause media23 system will be something totally independent. Additionally you can be sure to have a still supported oneye product.

Since we moved from the eyeos project to the oneye project, my personal business inquires fell down heavily. To keep up work on improvements and additional features it’s planned to create a donation page, listing specific features and how much money it requires. Donators will be able to enter a purpose of use. This might not happen before may 2012 though.

This is a preparation for the mid of April, but things might still change. You are free to discuss everything just below this post and I’d really like to know, what you think of it. Do you have another idea to help the project?

And now enjoy and have a nice day 😉 !

To comment, visit my forums post, “Preparing media23 embedding“.