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1. PHP – JavaScript, PHP or both?

Together PHP and JavaScript rule the web development market. Both are used on small, middle and even high-level sites, but before talking about the languages itself, we should clarify the way client and server work together. The following images show, what happens when you trigger a simple web address:

This C-like language is especially designed for server usage and simplicity while developing. It’s possible to use a lot more languages on the server-side, but PHP is pre-installed in nearly all web hosting offers.
PHP supports class-based object-oriented programming even though its core functionality is procedural. The PHP project is hosted at, where they offer PHP and its nice documentation.
PHP is a powerful platform, but integrated functions do not follow unified rules for names and parameters. Additionally PHP offers a wide range of syntax elements and – sadly – some alternative syntaxes, making it more difficult for beginners to read sources from different developers.

$product = 'eyeos';
if ($product === 'oneye') {
	echo 'You are already using the latest community.';
} else {
	echo 'Please update your community.';

Did you know?
“PHP” stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor” and as such it’s a recursive acronym (source).

Javascript, PHP or both?

It’s early in the morning, no rain this morning, my window is opened and… And?
And I’m partly sitting, partly laying on my bed while starting a new series of blog posts. I’m feeling fine. People, let’s have a good day!

In the series “JavaScript, PHP or both?” I’ll write about similarities and differences between the probably most-used web development languages: PHP and JavaScript. I’m not sure how many posts this series will get, but I’ve enough ideas for a couple of weeks.

The first post, published later today or tomorrow, will concentrate on introducing both languages, explaining their use cases and programming paradigms.

Please tell me what topics you might be interested in. It’ll help me prioritizing. Thanks!