How to start developing applications in oneye

Hi all!
I was glad to see in the forum that there are some people who would like to start developing oneye applications (or maybe even integrate new functions in the OS or fix some bugs), so I want to suggest you the first step to become an oneye developer:

  1. First of all, you need to have a good PHP knowledge, since oneye is written in PHP, and at least a few basics of Javascript.
  2. Download and read the eyeOS 1.x Developer Manual. It’s quite old, so it misses a lot of the new functions available to developers, but it’s extremely useful for a newbie to understand the oneye structure, essential to start programming;
  3. I strongly suggest you to use the Firefox browser with the Firebug plugin. In order to see the applications error messages directly in Firebug, you have to set the EYEOS_DEBUG_MODE to 3 in /eyeOSxxxxxxx/system/conf/system.xml;
  4. Start trying to modify the HelloWorld app, included in all oneye releases;
  5. While you program, never forget to always have a look at the greatest friend of the oneye developer: the eyeOS 1.x Documentation Center. Also, you could find useful the eyeOS 1.x Wiki. Remember that both have not been updated for some releases, so you’re not going to find all the functions…. But you can find the largest part! For the others, while you’ll become a better oneye programmer, you’ll learn to look by yourself into the code to find the functions. TIP: all the widgets are in the /eyeOSxxxxxxx/system/lib/eyeWidgets/widgets folder;
  6. For question, always use the current oneye Development Forum. Also keep in mind that you can find a lot of useful resources on the old eyeos Development Forum (always check that the question refers to eyeOS 1.x and not eyeOS 2.x, since the latter has a completely different structure).
  7. If you’re thinking about writing an application starting from zero….please check that there is not another one in the eyeOS 1.x Application Repository. If there is one similar, maybe you can try to improve it, instead of writing one from scratch!
  8. Hey, all here is open-source….if you manage to write a good application, please publish it on the Repository!

So….have fun writing apps! 🙂

PS = Updating the documentations is a huge work, but it makes life easier for all the developers interested in contributing to the project. If you’d like to help updating it, please reply to this topic on the forum.