How to download the latest oneye SVN

Hello everybody,
it can be useful for you to know the simple steps to install on your server the latest oneye SVN version, to have a look at all the new features that have been implemented since the latest release, so here I write a very short tutorial.
Please note that SVN snapshots are not supported by the team, so don’t expect the release version to have automatic updaters from the SVN snapshots! If you find a bug, please report it using the appropriate section of the forum!
So, here you are the 6 simple steps:

  1. Download the latest oneye SVN tarball;
  2. Uncompress the tarball and move all the content of the “1.9” folder inside the folder that you want to be the eyeos installation root;
  3. Rename the “eyeOS” folder to a name which is enough difficult to guess for a user but not exagerated long, as for example “eyeOS43h49d98g8jdfn”;
  4. Now edit /settings.php adjusting the REAL_EYE_ROOT constant to the folder name you just chose at point 3. In case you wish to use the “real” VFS module instead of the “virtual” default one, please also change the VFS_MODULE constant;
  5. Now edit /eyeOSxxxxxxx/system/conf/system.xml and set EYEOS_DEBUG_MODE from 3 to 0 (unless you are a developer and you want to keep the debug mode on). You can leave all the other configurations to their default value, since you will be able to change them from the oneye system, via the System preferences;
  6. You are ready! Please make sure that the oneye folder and all the files are writable by the web server user and then go with your browser to the new installation URL, login with “root/root”, open the System preferences, change the root password and edit all the configurations to fit your needs! If you have questions, please ask them on the forums.